Dakini Tidal Wilds is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality seaweeds and herbs and products made from them, hand-harvested sustainably on the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Wild-crafting effective edible seaweeds & medicinal plants from our local forest and ocean is both a passionate skill and a powerful message that our environment has healing and economic benefit beyond common ‘resource extraction’ practices.

Amanda Swinimer began Dakini Tidal Wilds in 2003, when it became clear that hand-harvesting in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest was both a passion needing to be fulfilled and a way to offer unique medicines to those around her. Amanda holds a BSc+ in Marine Biology from Dalhousie University. Amanda teaches people about seaweeds in the public school system, colleges & universities, through private venues and is an international presenter. She is both active & passionate in furthering her own education on seaweeds.

All of Dakini Tidal Wilds’ offerings are or are made with wild-crafted ingredients harvested with the utmost intention of sustainability, love and reverence for the local land and sea. Her seaweeds are only ‘pruned’, leaving the rest of the seaweed to continue growing. Harvesting at the most ideal time of the season ensures a quality unique to Dakini Tidal Wilds’ products. The absolute joy of being immersed in the Pacific Northwest infuses these products with a spirit unique to her beloved island.

Chef's culinary creations with DTW's Seaweed

Executive Chef Andrew Dickinson Royal Victoria Yacht Club
Victoria BC | Winged Kelp Dashi Broth, Smoked Mussels

Chef Mat Clarke
Be Love
Victoria BC | Niçoise Salad

Executive Chef Juan Bochenski
Q at the Empress
Victoria BC | Kelp Granola

Biggest takeaway: Get to know your local seaweed harvester. In Victoria, [Danny Smiles & Chuck Hughes] donned wet suits and dove into the deep with Amanda Swinimer from Dakini Tidal Wilds, who sustainably harvests, by hand, edible seaweeds and wild herbs. “When you’re harvesting seaweed in the ocean, it’s a scary, eerie, underwater jungle. Very humbling,” says [Chef Danny Smiles].
— Michael Duchesne, Travelzoo


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Dakini Tidal Wilds’ first commitment is to sustainability. My seaweeds are harvested by pruning, ensuring healthy seaweed gardens for years to come. 
— Amanda Swinimer