Herbal Teas

Dakini Tidal Wilds’ teas are harvested by hand from the temperate rainforest & ocean of the Pacific Northwest and from Amanda’s garden. The nourishment of the land & sea is preserved in these unique & tasty teas.



Ingredients: Wild-Crafted Winged Kelp (Alaria marginata), Wild-Crafted Spruce-Tips & Organic Mint

Tea of Land & Sea 

This tea is a great cold & flu preventative. Loaded with vitamins & minerals, it is especially rich in Vitamin C & Calcium. It contains powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities.


Ingredients: Wild-Crafted Rainbow Seaweed (Mazaella splendins) & Wild-Crafted Stinging Nettle

Rainbow's Sting Tea 

Rainbow’s Sting is a great tea if you have overindulged, or are feeling run-down. The cleansing, vitamin & mineral rich qualities of this tea are sure to bring your energy back up. Rainbow Seaweed can aid when feeling depressed and inspire you back to action.


Ingredients: Wild-Crafted Trailing Blackberry Leaves, Wild-Crafted Grand Fir & Wild-Crafted Western Hemlock

Orveas Bay Tea 

Orveas Bay Tea is overflowing with vitamins & minerals. This citrusy tasting tea is an ally during cold & flu season and has strong anti-septic qualities. Enjoy a hot cup of it at Gordon’s Beach on a misty morning.