Wakame Spaghetti made by The Cowichan Pasta Company

The Cowichan Pasta Company Wakame Spaghetti with ALM Farm organic cherry tomatoes and basil with home grown sautéd garlic

The Cowichan Pasta Company uses Dakini Tidal Wilds Wakame Kelp Flakes in their Wakame Spaghetti! Their pasta is made from 100% Vancouver Island ingredients. Wakame Spaghetti  has amazing flavour. The Cowichan Pasta Company also make incredible Raviolis!

Wakame Spaghetti Ingredients:
"Hope Farm" Sifted Wheat, Free Range Eggs, "Juan de Fuca" Wakame (Winged Kelp) and "Vancouver Island Salt Company" Salt

To Purchase Wakame Spaghetti go to The Cowichan Pasta Company's Where to Buy page

Go wild with your own Thanksgiving harvest

Salmon is a good West Coast alternative to turkey, and while you can easily buy it at stores, this is a poignant time to catch or hunt ingredients for dinner.

By Pieta Woolley, September 29, 2011, The Georgia Straight, Vancouver BC

"This October, Amanda Swinimer will wear a wetsuit to “shop” for Thanksgiving dinner. Starting from the west coast of Vancouver Island, the marine biologist plans to swim about 300 metres into the nippy Pacific and fill her net bags with wiggly bull kelp. Then she’ll swim back to shore. It’s a remarkably sustainable harvest, she explained to the Georgia Straight"

"[in Vancouver] Swinimer’s seaweeds are available at 

Finlandia Natural Pharmacy & Health Centre

(1111 West Broadway)

 and through her website "Read the full article


August 2, 2011 

I am sitting here among the munching bears, grazing deer and Macrocystis as far as the eye can see, feeling the magic that only Barkley Sound can impart.  I was invited to guest lecture at Bamfield Marine Science Station for 2 days for Fiona Hamersley-Chambers' Ethnobotany class.  After a field trip to the beach with none other than Dr. Louis Druehl himself (author of

Pacific Seaweeds: A Guide to Common Seaweeds of the West Coast), and plans for leading the students on a snorkel tour tomorrow,I am feeling quite elated.

The history of Bamfield is as unbelievable as its natural splendour. It marks the completion of the trans-ocean cable that joined members of the United Kingdom in 1905.  It also contains a tiny cabin accessed by a bridge that is strictly out-of-bounds that receives the first tremors to warn the rest of B.C. of impending earthquakes & tsunamis. I took some photos to share...enjoy!


Algae & Human Health

Amanda is attending a symposium at the University of Washington on July 15th called 'Algae & Human Health', put on by The Phycological Society of America. Christine Hopkins is attending as well. We are hoping to deepen our understanding of the healing properties and physiology of algae and how that relates to human health, and integrate this educational experience into our practise. For more info check out

http://www.psaalgae.org/ .

Come visit Dakini Tidal Wilds at some amazing, conscious festivals this summer!!!

Amanda and family will be vending at Diversity Festival, on the beautiful island of Texada, July 8-10, 2011. Check out http://www.diversityfestival.ca/ for more details and to check out all the awesome bands.

Dakini Tidal Wilds will also be vending at the North West World Reggae Festival in Oregon, not too far from Eugene.  This festival is amazing...worls class reggae artists congregating and family friendly irie & ital vibes spreading over the forested venue like sunshine.  AUGUST 12-14, 2011.  Check out http://www.nwwrf.com/ for the insane line-up!!!

Seaweed Workshop June 18th 11am-5pm

Seaweed workshop coming up June 18th...
For more info visit http://www.dakinitidalwilds.com/ seaweed tours and workshops page.  We are full for this workshop, but taking down names to see if there is interest to offer another summer workshop.  Please contact me, Amanda, at dakinitidalwilds@yahoo.com if you are interested in attending a seaweed workshop.
May the wild & healing energy of the Sea be with you~~~Amanda

Seaweed Workshop May 20-22, 2011: Hornby Island

Seaweed Workshop May 20-22 Hornby Island

Workshop includes:

Fri night seaweed dinner, Sat spa evening, a field trip and classes on identification and uses of local seaweeds, their healing properties, how to cook scrumptious meals & sustainable harvest methods.


Vera Ronningen, MSc Marine Ecology http://www.mermaidsdelight.ca/

& Amanda Swinimer, BSc+ Marine Biology http://www.dakinitidalwilds.com/

Cost: Workshop only $200

With accommodations for Fri and Sat night Single $325 double occupancy $500.

We will provide dinner on fri evening. A kitchen will be available for students to cook their other meals.

For more info or to register, visit the web-sites listed above or call (250) 335-3106 or (250) 818-4633

SEAWEED & RADIATION~ Article from the Rural Observer

Article from the Rural Observer: Celebrating Our Rural Community Lifestyle May 2011


By Christine Hopkins, From the Garden...at French Beach
& Amanda Swinimer, Dakini Tidal Wilds

We have all been plunged into circumstances we could not have anticipated just a short month ago...

I always prefer to emphasize the positive – but our current dilemma, precipitated by the massive earthquake, tsunami, and severe breakdown of the Fukishima Nuclear plant in Japan –is very serious.

We continue to go through our daily lives, but any thinking person knows our worldview needs to change.

We are suddenly so vulnerable here on our beautiful, wild coast – in spite of the thousands of km. separating us from the horrific destruction in Japan – it is really only ‘one ocean’. We are at risk in so many ways...

Over the past couple of years, my neighbour, Amanda Swinimer, and I have been co-presenting workshops – teaching people the phenomenal nutritional and therapeutic properties of a large assortment of seaweeds.

As people vitally concerned with the pristine quality of our ocean foreshore, we began researching immediately to determine how serious the threat of radioactive contamination could be to our coastal environment.

Among the myriad of questions, we were searching for factual material as to whether our situation is being monitored. We were pleased to find articles and commentary online from CBC news stories and interviews with scientist and health officers. Briefly, one article (March 18) from Health Canada, indicated that it “...is deploying nine more radiation-monitoring devices to B.C. ...in addition to six units already in place along the B.C. coast.” One scientist, Dr. Kris Starosta, from Simon Fraser Univ. commented in a separate news story (March 29) “We can clearly see from the data we have there is on the order of seven days between the releases in Fukushima and radiation reaching us here.” He also stated that researchers will continue to keep an eye on radioactive iodine 131 – a key component of nuclear powerplant radiation – but also on cesium 37...adding that “Cesium is harder to detect than iodine 131” and “Iodine 131 also decays rapidly, lessening the risk. Cesium can remain in the atmosphere for 30 years”. The story continued, “B.C. scientists have said that local radiation levels that can be linked to the Japanese reactor are miniscule and pose no threat to the public.”


More recent stories focused on the massive quantity of radioactive contamination being caused by the serious leak in the power plant and the inability to stop it. In spite of assurances, we are left worrying about severe consequences of both air-born exposure and the prevailing winds and currents. Which leads us to want to share valuable information that we have both accumulated as to the dynamic potential of seaweeds to provide us with unique prevention of the absorption of radioactive iodine and to assist our bodies to safely detoxify from exposure.

Here is Amanda’s summary of the tremendous protection from seaweeds in general and specifically Kelps:

Seaweeds Iodine & Radiation Protection
~If the body is saturated with natural iodine (seaweed is a natural source very rich in it), then your thyroid will not be able to absorb radioactive Io from nuclear fallout
~Need to saturate the thyroid BEFORE the fallout reaches us
~Io in kelp is very similar to the way it is stored in thyroid hormones
~Seaweeds are rich in complimentary nutrients (esp. Selenium) needed to process Io
~Seaweeds 100-200mcg/gm of Io (depending on location, and time of year)

Kelp, Sodium alginate & Radiation Protection
~The seaweeds that belong to the Order ‘Laminariales’ are called ‘Kelp’. Kelps are unique among seaweeds for specific healing properties…of primary importance is their ability to safely remove heavy metals, PCB’s and the by-products of radiation from the body
~Kelps contain a compound called Sodium alginate. Sodium alginate binds to the by-products of radiation (radioactive isotopes), forms an insoluble salt (so it is NOT released in blood stream) and is safely excreted through our urine.

Using Kelp to Protect
~seaweeds are a very concentrated nutrient source. The key to benefitting from their therapeutic properties is consistency, not quantity. As little as 5g/day of kelp provides the body with protection against heavy metals, radiation and other environmental toxins as well as providing an easily absorbed mineral supplement, many vitamins, anti-oxidant and immune support.

Amanda and I share a wealth of experience with the healing and protective properties, we would like people to understand the ‘gift’ that our rich seaweed resource represents – and the critical importance protecting of our marine environment and algae beds. Truly, they are a source of phenomenal nutritional abundance; containing basically every nutrient we humans require to survive, in addition to the protective and detoxifying aspects. Protecting them should be a significant priority...!

For more info contact :
fromthegarden@telus.net http://www.fromthegarden.net/  or dakinitidalwilds@yahoo.com  http://www.dakinitidalwilds.com/

Many Many Thanks!!!

We all had an awesome time at S.O.S. Fest 2011!!!

Check out www.sos-fest.blogspot.com for more photos.

Session Funk

Grooves Up the Shirley Hall!


Session FunkTaiyaArise, Soulgoalies, Waves on Monday and Ruby from The Fable Cottage

for performing at S.O.S. Fest 2011!!!

THANKS to all the Volunteers:

D.J. Hayden for the awesome sound and the wicked DJ tunes

Greg Innes of Dubland Studios for the cool visuals and manning the door 

Marika Nagasaka of ALM Organic Farm and Full Circle Seeds

 and Paula Hamilton of Ahimsa Yoga and Fitness for their workshops!

Shirley Fire Department for Security

Cam Gray of Western Canada Wilderness Committee and Julia Morlacci of Sierra Club BC for their info booths

Beth Brooks for spear-heading the kitchen

The Kitchen Crew Setup and Clean-up Crew

Session Funk for helping with the clean-up the next day!

THANKS to all those that donated door prizes and silent auction items:

ALM Organic Farm and Full Circle Seeds

Birdsedge / Kerry O'Gorman

Dakini Tidal Wilds

Sea of Bloom

Sea Flora

The Bee's Knees Children's Store & More

The Edge Restaurant

THANKS to Sponsors and all those who gave their support:

Ahimsa Yoga and Fitness

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Full Circle Seeds

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Dubland Studios / Knotty Beds  / Resurrection Kite Repair

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Little Vienna Bakery

Migration Design

Mystic Glass Creations

The Stick In the Mud

Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery

Village Foods Markets


THANKS to everyone who came to the Shirley Hall for S.O.S. Fest 2011! !


Incase you have read the article: 

The Call of the Wild - in Shirley: Save our Salmon Festival in the Sooke News Mirror, Wednesday, April 20, 2011 there is a correction to be made: 

The entire S.O.S. FEST is ALL AGES from 1pm to 1am. Children and Teenagers are welcome to stay and enjoy the music for the whole event including the performances at night!

Cool, Local, Conscious Sponsors for S.O.S. Fest 2011!!!

Migration Design                                

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Sea Flora                                               

Bees Knees                                         

Dakini Tidal Wilds

Sea of Bloom

Little Vienna Bakery

The Stick In the Mud

Dubland Studios

Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery

ALM Organic Farm and Full Circle Seeds

Stay tuned for more to come~~~ 

Kelp & Radiation Talk ~ April 3, 2pm-4pm at Ahimsa

Due to overwhelming interest, Christine Hopkins (From the Garden...at French Beach) and myself (Amanda Swinimer~Dakini Tidal Wilds) have organized a last-minute information session about seaweed and radiation protection. This is happenning: At Ahimsa in Sooke Sunday April 3 2pm-4pm Cost: $20.00 We will go into detail about how kelp specifically protects against radiation and how it removes it from the body, how to use it specifcally for this purpose and more. Bring your questions and concerns as there will be time to address people's specific concerns. Please pass this along to anyone who you think may be interested. Amanda For more info call me at 250-818-4633 You can pre-register or just show up.