Dr. Prannie Rhatigan

Christine Hopkins and I (Amanda Swinimer) are VERY excited & pleased to announce that Dr. Prannie Rhatigan will be visiting our island, all the way from IRELAND!  A world renowned speaker, scholar and 'hands on'  seaweed enthusiast, Dr. Rhatigan is also the author of 'The Irish Seaweed Kitchen'.

Dr. Prannie Rattigen will be presenting in a large venue the evening of July 11th
AND offering an intimate 'hands on' workshop for up to 20 lucky people on July 12th, one of our best low tides of the season!

If you LOVE seaweed, and/or are intrigued by seaweeds, this is truly a 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity!

Venue details and times to follow.

Contact Amanda Swinimer: dakinitidalwilds@yahoo.com  (250) 818-4633
Christine Hopkins: clarsenhopkins@gmail.com  (250) 646-2425 for more details or to register.