Wakame Spaghetti made by The Cowichan Pasta Company

The Cowichan Pasta Company Wakame Spaghetti with ALM Farm organic cherry tomatoes and basil with home grown sautéd garlic

The Cowichan Pasta Company uses Dakini Tidal Wilds Wakame Kelp Flakes in their Wakame Spaghetti! Their pasta is made from 100% Vancouver Island ingredients. Wakame Spaghetti  has amazing flavour. The Cowichan Pasta Company also make incredible Raviolis!

Wakame Spaghetti Ingredients:
"Hope Farm" Sifted Wheat, Free Range Eggs, "Juan de Fuca" Wakame (Winged Kelp) and "Vancouver Island Salt Company" Salt

To Purchase Wakame Spaghetti go to The Cowichan Pasta Company's Where to Buy page