Go wild with your own Thanksgiving harvest

Salmon is a good West Coast alternative to turkey, and while you can easily buy it at stores, this is a poignant time to catch or hunt ingredients for dinner.

By Pieta Woolley, September 29, 2011, The Georgia Straight, Vancouver BC

"This October, Amanda Swinimer will wear a wetsuit to “shop” for Thanksgiving dinner. Starting from the west coast of Vancouver Island, the marine biologist plans to swim about 300 metres into the nippy Pacific and fill her net bags with wiggly bull kelp. Then she’ll swim back to shore. It’s a remarkably sustainable harvest, she explained to the Georgia Straight"

"[in Vancouver] Swinimer’s seaweeds are available at 

Finlandia Natural Pharmacy & Health Centre

(1111 West Broadway)

 and through her website "Read the full article