August 2, 2011 

I am sitting here among the munching bears, grazing deer and Macrocystis as far as the eye can see, feeling the magic that only Barkley Sound can impart.  I was invited to guest lecture at Bamfield Marine Science Station for 2 days for Fiona Hamersley-Chambers' Ethnobotany class.  After a field trip to the beach with none other than Dr. Louis Druehl himself (author of

Pacific Seaweeds: A Guide to Common Seaweeds of the West Coast), and plans for leading the students on a snorkel tour tomorrow,I am feeling quite elated.

The history of Bamfield is as unbelievable as its natural splendour. It marks the completion of the trans-ocean cable that joined members of the United Kingdom in 1905.  It also contains a tiny cabin accessed by a bridge that is strictly out-of-bounds that receives the first tremors to warn the rest of B.C. of impending earthquakes & tsunamis. I took some photos to share...enjoy!